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About the Journal
The University Museums and Collections Journal is a peer-reviewed, on-line journal for the
proceedings of the International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC), a
Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). The Journal will appear at least once a
year. It is completely on-line and no hard-copy formal publication is available. However, the Journal is
an Open Access journal and is available free of charge or printing on demand is available at cost price.

The goals of the University Museums and Collections Journal are to provide global, inclusive access
and distribution and to improve the museums, galleries and collections within universities worldwide
by stimulating discussion of relevant issues and concerns.

Funding and Support
UMAC is responsible for the major costs of the Journal. It receives additional support from Humboldt
University of Berlin, Germany, in the form of a guarantee that the Journal will be archived and its
information will be accessible in the future.

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) provided a special grant to get the Journal started.

With your membership, UMAC is able to publish the Journal. UMAC, as an International Committee of
ICOM, receives funding from ICOM according to the number of its members. If you have found the
Journal helpful, please support its existence by joining ICOM and choose UMAC as your Committee
of choice!

Copyright Policy
The International Committee of University Museums and Collections expects that authors will assign
copyright to the University Museums and Collections Journal. The journal then routinely grants
permission to authors for subsequent use of their materials, formally transferring copyright thereto if
deemed necessary.

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