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Printing from own computer
The essays and reviews of the UMAC Journal can be downloaded as Pdf-documents from our site
onto your own computer. We offer either the complete edition or individual essays and reviews. Our
standard format is DIN A4, but to save paper two pages can be printed onto one. Doing so reduces
your page to DIN A5. Such selections can be made using the Printing Options available with your


A Print-On-Demand-Service offers the printing of individual essays or complete editions of the journal,
as a bound book. Thereby, combinations of favoured essays can be easily made. Use the "proprint-
order" labelled link on the right, next to the title you select. A menu appears in which you are directed
to select (amongst other things) the size of the printing job. Here the pages can be reduced from the
initial DIN A4 format to DIN A5 reducing the cost of your order. Alternatively, the journal can of course
be ordered in DIN A4 format. Please inform us, should problems arise.