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The International ICOM Committee for University Museums and Collections is a forum for all those
working in, or associated with, academic museums, galleries and collections (including herbaria and
botanical gardens). UMAC is concerned with the role of collections within higher education institutions
and the communities they serve. The aim is to protect the heritage in the care of universities.

University Museums and Collections (UMAC): http://umac.icom.museum

International Council of Museums (ICOM): http://www.icom.museum

UMAC Chair
Hugues Dreyssé
Université de Strasbourg
Institut Le Bel
4 rue Blaise Pascal
67000 Strasbourg
Fon: +33 3 68 85 05 18
Fax: +33 3 68 85 11 30

UMAC Secretary
Graciela Weisinger Cordero
Universidad del Museo Social Argentino
Corrientes 1723
Buenos Aires, C1042AAD