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Abdelaziz AI, Segaric J,Bartsch H, Petzhold D, Schlegel WP, Kott M, Seefeldt I, Klose J, Bader M, Haase H and Morano I. Functional characterization of the human atrial essential myosin light chain (hALC-1) in a transgenic rat model (2004). J. Mol. Med. (IN press).

Abdelaziz AI, Pagel I, Schlegel WP, Kott M, Monti J, Haase H and Morano I. The human atrial myosin light chain (hALC-1) attenuates heart failure (accepted) (2004) Adv. Epx. Med. Biol. (In press).


Abdelaziz AI, Schlegel WP, Kott M, Bader M, Klamm U, Ganten U, Haase H and Morano I. Improved cardiac function by human atrial essential myosin light chain (hALC-1) in a transgenic rat model. J Muscle research and cell motility 24:342 (2003).

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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data:


Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz

Date of birth:

12/ 11/1971

Place of birth:

Cairo, Egypt



Marital status:


Work address:

Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular Medicine


Robert Roessle Str.10, 13125,Berlin/Germany

Home address:

Isar Str. 30, 16321,


Bernau bei Berlin/Germany



+49 3094062240


+49 15111602053


+49 3338 706752


+49 3094062277




March 1998

Medical Practice Licensure by the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

December 1997

MD, medical degree (MB.B.Ch) Bachelor of Medicine and General Surgery, Ain Shams University–faculty of medicine/Cairo, Egypt.

January 1990

General Certificate of Education (GCE), University of London, School Examination Board

1974 – 1990

British School in Cairo (Victoria college) Primary-preparatory & secondary stages of education.

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Professional Experience:

March 2002-Current

Researcher at the Max Delbrueck Center For Molecular Medicine,Molecular Muscle Physiology group, Berlin, Germany.


Senior house officer (Basic specialist training in Molecular medicine) at the molecular diagnostic labs of Vacsera (Egyptian Institute for Biological products and vaccines) Cairo, Egypt.


Intern at the Molecular diagnostic unit of (Alpha) Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory in Cairo.

1997 – 1999

House Officer (Internship Rotation) at Ain Shams University Hospitals, Cairo/ Egypt.

February 1998

Saint George’s Hospital (University of London), clinical elective attachment.

November 1996

Basel University Hospital (Switzerland) clinical elective attachment.

Honours & Scholarships:

March 2003

Fellow of the Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg 754) DFG) at the -Charite medical University/ Berlin, Germany.


Doctorate degree Scholarship from Vacsera, Cairo, Egypt.

Training courses & Programs:

March 2002-current

Molecular Medicine training program (Wollenberger) at the MDC/ Berlin, Germany.

January 2002

Management training course: 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey.

May 1-4 – 2001

Bio-safety in Microbiological and Biomedical laboratories-training course provided by the CDC-NIH (Centres for disease control and prevention, USA).

May– June 2000

Molecular Biology training course at the specialized genetics center (Genetica), Cairo, Egypt.

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Scientific invitations & presentations:

September 2003

5th PhD Retreat-invited presentation in Berlin, Germany

February 2003

Wollenberger Seminar-invited seminar speaker at the at Max Delbrueck Center For Molecular medicine/Berlin, Germany, titled (Function of the human ALC-1 In Transgenic Rats)

November 2002

King Faisal Heart &Research Centre-invited presentation /Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, titled (Modulation of myocardial function by Essential Light Chains).

September 2002

4th PhD Retreat-invited presentation in Berlin, Germany.

Linguistic Skills:

English: Fluent, written & spoken

Arabic: Mother tongue

French: Well

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First and foremost I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Ingo Morano, who gave me the opportunity to carry out this project, and always supported and encouraged through the time course of my Ph.D. His enormous knowledge, enthusiasm and good mood were my stimulating initiative.

I would also like to thank Dr. Hannelore Haase, Dr. Peter Karczewski and Dr. Michael Bader for their sincere help, advice and valuable discussions during the course of this work. I would like to express my intense and deep gratitude for Dr. Ursula Ganten for the production of the transgenic rats involved in the project.

Special thanks go to Dr. Monika Kott for the immunofluorescence microscopy, Wolfgang-Peter Schlegel for the Langendorff-perfusion and Steffen Lutter for his helpful technical assistance.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my lab-mates who shared my daily life, for their help, support and making me feel at home. Special thanks for Christiane Woischwill, Petra Pierschalek, and Daria Petzhold for being very special friends.

I am thankful for the collaboration with the Institute of Human Genetics at the Charité, and I really appreciate the extensive effort made by Jadranka Segaric in performing the whole proteome analysis by 2DE.

Finally, I am grateful for the GraduirtenKolleg (Research Training Group in: myocardial hypertrophy, gene expression & function) -Charité medical University/Berlin and VACSERA (The Egyptian Org. for Biological Products and Vaccines) for suppoting this project.

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Hiermit erkläre ich, dass ich die vorliegende Dissertation selbständig und ohne unzulässige Hilfe Dritter angefertigt habe. Die benutzten Hilfsmittel sowie die Literatur sind vollständig angegeben

Berlin, den

Ahmed Ihab Abdelaziz

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