Al-Kirshi, Abdul Gabbar Sultan: Untersuchungen zur biologischen Bekämpfung von Trogoderma granarium Everts, Trogoderma angustum (Solier) und Anthrenus verbasci L. (Coleoptera, Dermestidae) mit dem Larvalparasitoiden Laelius pedatus (Say) ( Hymenoptera, Bethylidae)


Kapitel 6. Summary

Dermestide pests of stored products are widely distributed throughout the world. They infest stored animal and plant products and frequently cause great damage and losses. Even a wide range of materials can be damaged or destroyed by Infestation with dermestides.

The Khapra beetle T. granarium causes serious damage and losses to grain and grain products particularly in the tropics. In many countries it is listed as a quarantine pest. The importance of T. angustum as a pest in stores, in dwelling houses, in shops and in museums increased in Europe during the last decades. A. verbasci infests a variety of animal products such as wool, fur, leather, feathers etc. It is also the most important pest of insect collections in museums.

Infestations by dermestids are usually controlled by treatments with insecticides. However, insecticides may cause hazards to man and the environment. Especially in the storage of small subsistence farmers in the tropics the use of insecticides may be dangerous and their costs prohibitive. Hence, there is a need for the development of alternative methods such as biological control, an efficient component in integrated pest management.

The present study was designed to assess the efficacy of the larval parasitoid L. pedatus in controlling T. granarium, T. angustum and A. verbasci.

The parasitoid wasp has desirable characteristics to control these pests.

The following results on the biology, behaviour and the potential of the wasp were obtained:


Biological characteristics of L. pedatus

Potential of L. pedatus

The observed biological characteristics of L. pedatus render the wasp a suitable agent to control T. granarium, T. angustum and A. verbasci. However, field investigations in the store are needed to verify these results.

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