Ali, Hazem Abd El-Rahman Obiadalla: Understanding of Carbon Partitioning in Tomato Fruit



I am greatly indebted to Prof. Dr. Lothar Willmitzer for his valuable advice and all the interesting discussions throughout the course of my work.

I would particularly like to thank Prof. Dr Frank Pohlheim for helping to organise this dissertation at the branch vegetable, faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture, Humboldt-University of Berlin.

I would like to express my greatest appreciation to Dr. Jens Kossmann for giving me the opportunity for this PhD project.

I would like to express my greatest appreciation to Dr. James Lloyd for supervising my work and for the advice encouragement that he has given me throughout my PhD work.

I am particularly also indebted to Dr. Alisdair Fernie for his continuity supervising my work, for his advice encouragement and assistance that he has given me throughout my PhD work.

I would like to thank Dr. Christine Raines (University of Essex) for the gift of the antiserum recognising cp-FBPase.

I am very grateful to Romy Baran for performing the plant transformation and for her attention to my plants in tissue culture. I am also very grateful to all our gardeners and Dr. Karin Köhl for taking care of my plants in the glasshouse.

I would like to acknowledge Josef Bergstein for photographic work. I would also like to acknowledge Eckard Simmat and Wilfried Grauholz for computer work.

My special thank for Bjoern Junker and Anna Lytovchenko for their helping me during my PhD work. I thank also my lab mates Ilse, Andrea, Bion, Fernando, Eva, Ute, Adreano, Claudia, Lilia, Ania, Fransosska for their assistance and all the fun we had in the last three years.

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