Bachmann, Lorenz B. R.: Review of the Agricultural Knowledge System in Fiji - Opportunities and Limitations of Participatory Methods and Platforms to promote Innovation Development -


This work was funded by the European Union (EU) through a contract for the Pacific Regional Agricultural Programme (PRAP). Without that support, this work would not have been possible. Among my former colleagues at the EU Delegation, I would like to thank in particular the Economic Advisors Gary Quince, Roberto Rensi, and the Delegate Gerd Jarchow.

I am grateful to my supervising Prof. Dr. Uwe Jens Nagel in Berlin for his tremendous support throughout all research phases. Without his interest, patience, consistency and expertise this work would not have been completed in time.

In Giessen, I wish to thank my other supervisor, PD Dr. Andreas Nebelung. I will remember him for his creative feedback and for reaching better understanding of soft systems viewpoints.

Many people at Fiji MAFF supported the work whom I would like to thank very much. I would like to express my special thanks to the Director of Research Dr. Jay Kumar, the Director of Extension Samisoni Ulitu, and the Senior Economic Planner, Paula Taukei. The joint workshops and interim result discussions will be particularly remembered. I am particularly indebted to the PRA research team members Anare Macedru, Ilimeleki Kaiyanuyanu, Satya Bahn Singh and Esala Naerecoko for all their tremendous efforts and contributions during the field work.

Many thanks also go to my former colleagues at PRAP. Here, I would like to mention first the Programe Co-ordinators Brian Smith and Aleki Sisifa. In the PRAP team I will always remember Dr. Steve Rogers for his constructive reviews and long evenings in Suva. Equally, I thank Dr Steve Preston for his many comments and the enriching days in Sigatoka. Dr Mecki Kronen I thank for all her time, energetic support, and feedback, and Veronika Schwanz for the many comments and updates via email.

Among the experts at Koronivia Research Station, I always enjoyed the good informal co-operation with Simon Fielding and Tony Dowling from SCEP, and Dr. David Howling from IBSRAM.

Last but not least, I wish to express my gratitude to all farmers for their warm hospitality and lively contributions during the PRA activities. Although this study is of no direct use to them, I hope further use of the methodologies and platforms suggested will enhance joint learning and enable them to improve their livelihoods in the future.

Vinaka Vaka Levu.

Grüningen, January 2001, Lorenz Bachmann

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