Bridg, Hannia: Micropropagation and Determination of the in vitro Stability of Annona cherimola Mill. and Annona muricata L.



Many people have helped me to bring this work to a fruitful completion,

First and foremost I wish to thank Professor Dr. P. Lüdders director of fruit science institute. Thanks are due to Dr. habil. G. Ebert for being referee in my Ph.D. examination.

I am greatly indebted to the Katholische Akademischer Ausländer Dienst -KAAD Prof. Dr. P. Hünermann, Dr. H. Weber, Mrs. D. Schlange-Schöningen, Mrs. U. Baumgart, Mrs. R. Flügel for the received grants and in particular with Mr. M. Romünder for the moral support.

I gratefully acknowledge the support from all members of the Institute of Applied Genetics at the Freie University. Professor Dr. M. Sacristan for providing the laboratory facilities and Dr. H. Lüerßen, Mrs. U. Deppe, Dipl. Biol. A. Arbeiter, Dipl. Biol. B. Jahn, Mrs. H. Lehmann for the advice with the RAPD analysis and cytology observations. Special thanks are due to Dr. E. Huancaruna-Perales for her friendly support.

I am indebted to Dr. J. Siemmens, Institute of Applied Genetics at the Freie University Berlin for his generous opinions and critical appraisal of this work during the conclusion phase.

I am specially grateful to the staff of the Department of Fruit Science, Agriculture Faculty, Humboldt-University Berlin who have worked with me and in different ways have contributed to the progress of this work.

I am in gratitude with the academic staff of the Computer Data Station Dahlem, Humboldt University-Berlin in particular with Dipl. Eng. H. J. Seekamp.

I would like to thank Dr. C. Adler, Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA) Berlin, because his friendly orientations at the beginning of this work and microbiological analysis.

Special thanks are due to Dr. K. El-Sidig, Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan and MSc. Eng. Eileen Küpper for the language revision and appraising of this manuscript in its final phase of production.

I greatly indebted to Dr. J. Wiebel, Dipl. O. Weik and Family, Dipl. S. Formiga, Dipl. M. Schumman, Dr. M. Labarta, Dr. J. Marx-Gómez. Dr. J. Pacheco, Dipl. J. Weller and Mr. R. Cabra for the friendly support during my academic time in Germany.

Finally I would like to thank my Family Mercedes and Dolange for their boundless love and constant believe as well as the love of my life, Jorgos Giannakopulos.

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