I would like to appreciate Prof. Dr Richter for giving me the opportunity to carry out my research work under his department. I am thankful for the patience that was involved and the guidance.

Thank you, Dr K. Schmaler, for your tireless support in this research, both in the field and in the office, without which it would have taken longer to accomplish the work than expected.

I also recall a well coordinated team work with Mr.V.Günther, Mrs. Plaßman and the entire team of Berge Research station, under Mr. Krüger and Mr. Richert, who contributed positively towards this work.

A very special thanks go to my family: my wonderful wife Solomy and my children: Kenan, Amira, Patricia, Immanuel and Abraham, for their prayers and encouragement. I thank God for Solid Rock Foundation Ministries and above all, for my Lord Jesus Christ, who strengthens me, to whom all glory and praise belong.

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