I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Peter Daniel for giving me the opportunity to work on this interesting project and to present it on international conferences and further for the review of this thesis.

I am thankful to Prof. Dr. A. Leutz for being my doctoral advisor and for reviewing my thesis.

I thank Prof. Dr. B. Dörken for his support and understanding.

Many thanks to Dr. Bernd Gillissen for the supervision of the experiments review of this study and for his advices.

My very special and sincere gratitude go to Dr. Clarissa von Haefen for the lively discussions, for sharing her expertise and for her constant encouragement. Also, I am tremendously thankful to her for introducing me to the Berlin culture, for dragging me to kick boxing classes and for always reminding me that the chestnut trees blossom beautifully!

I am mostly indebted to Ana Milojkovic for her true and unconditional friendship, for her trust, for her care and for sticking by me no matter what. I am genuinely grateful to her for spending hours on the phone without me talking, for teaching me about colour matching bags and shoes and for telling me her stories from Kreuzberg. М o ж e ш ce да   н аправиш !! C е   ке   биде   супер !!

Last but not least, I am deeply grateful to my whole family and Christian Mauch for their love, support, understanding and patience. Without their help I could not have accomplished this work.

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