First of all people I thank my parents Claudia and Jan for putting enough self confidence into me, to go through with this.

Next to them, my greatest thanks are to my supervisor, PD Dr. Rainer Ulrich for teaching me how to do science, his encouragement and continuous interest in discussions.

To Prof. Dr. D.H. Krüger I am extremely grateful for the support he gave me and the critical contributions in writing the publications.

I am indebted to Karin Dauer for her vital assistance in countless experiments and the best working atmosphere. For their contribution in experimental work I also thank Mathias Schmaler and Jan Fischer.

Many thanks to Dr. Dace Skrastina for brilliant discussions, practical guidance as well as for helping me setting up life in Riga. I also thank Prof. Dr. Paul Pumpens and his colleagues for scientific discussions and the very warm welcome.

I thank Dr. Åke Lundkvist for sharing some of his highly interesting data with me that inspired part of my discussion.

To Dr. Toni Aebischer I am thankful for great support with the animal experiments. I immensely appreciated Dr. Uli Steinhoff's theoretical as well as Dr. Silke Behnkes' practical expertise in experiments. All three I thank for valuable discussions.

I am grateful to Dr. Hans R. Gelderblom for proving particle formation by means of beautiful electron microscopy pictures.

For materials, protocols and sharing their vast expertise with me I want to acknowledge Dr. Ausra Razanskiene, Dr. Alma Gedvilaite and Dr. Aurelja Zvirbliene.

I highly appreciated the funding by the European Commission (grants QLK2-CT-1999-01119 and QLK2-1999-51115), the BMBF (grant LVA00/001) and the Charité Medical School.

Last but not least, I want to thank Dr. in spe Annette Kraus for everything.

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