In the following I would like to thank a few people, who supported me in different ways during the Ph.D. First of all, I really thank my co-advisor Henning Prommer. He opened my eyes for the fascinating and crazy world of reactive transport modelling. I thank him for stoically replying my billions of panic e-mails, and for very inspiring and exciting technical as well as personal discussions on the phone. What would the world be without Pepsi ϑ. I hope his permanent (and of course sometimes very annoying) criticism concering the readability of my paper drafts taught me how to write up the research stuff more clearly. Many thanks Henning for your patience! Then I want to thank my supervisors Gunnar Nützmann and Asaf Pekdeger. I very much thank Gunnar Nützmann for his support and trust, and for our technical and personal discussions in a warm atmosphere. I would like to thank Asaf Pekdeger for his good and inspiring ideas. Our technical discussions were also very valuable and exciting for me. Many thanks to Grit Siegert and Kilian Pramschiefer, who were a big help in the field; and to Doreen Richter for teaching me how to construct the optical oxygen sensors. A lot of thanks to Elke Weiß, Silke Meier and Joachim Bartels for water and sediment analysis. I very much thank Johannes Hochschild, Jörg Friedrich and Joachim Benz for kindly providing additional computational resources. Moreover, I would like to thank: Gudrun Massmann and Uwe Dünnbier for interesting discussions and moral support; the NASRI project manager Birgit Fritz for her trust in me; Peter Dillon, who built up the connection between Henning Prommer and me; Paul Pavelic and Joanne Vanderzalm, who patiently introduced me into the Bolivar Project; Colin Johnston for his advice in recharge pond related issues; Bernd Wiese for interesting and confusing discussions, and Christoph Horner for his encyclopedia and the steady bombardement of crazy ideas. Many thanks also to Tony Appelo, Poul Bjerg and Matt Tonkin for their helpful comments on the Bolivar manuscript.

I thank Susanne Fildebrandt for all her moral support and company.

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