Luick-Thrams, Michael : "Creating 'New Americans': WWII-Era European Refugees' Formation of American Identities"


I give thanks to all who have helped me in one way or another in this project: to Camilla Flintermann (and Peter), who did so much, from distributing the first questionnaires to sharing precious tales of Scattergood from the heart; to Robert Berquist for supplying me with the initial list of survivors, for cozy respites in West Branch and for unfailing accuracy; to Walter and Ilse Shostal for having me in their Alpine home and being patient as I conducted my first hostel-related interview; to Lillian and George Willoughby, Nicole Hackel, Marianne Welter, Earle and Marjorie Edwards, Susan Copithorne Robinson, Ernst Solmitz Somers (and Bernice), Robert Cory (and Sally), Pierre Shostal, Hans Peters [now deceased] (and Doris), Margaret Stevens (and Ed) and Lisa Hausen for in-person interviews; to Ernst Malamerson van den Haag, Edith Lichtenstein Morgan, Ilse/Elizabeth Seligmann/Seaman Chilton, Irmgard Rosenzweig Wessel and Hanna Deutsch Clampitt (and Phil) for providing interviews both per telephone and in person; to Marydel Balderston, Robert Burgess, Joyce DeLine Ball, Esther [Smith] Meyerding [now deceased], Peter Curtis, Elinor Cloe Darwin, Michael Deutsch, Paul Hagerty, Louis Lichtenstein, Betty Balderston Maurer, Esther Meyerding [now deceased], Ruth Coppock Palmer, Helmut Seligmann/Seaman, Peter Stern, Doris Arntal Tabari, Sally Zimmerman Weiss and David Zimmerman for insightful telephone interviews; to Robert Anthony, Leola Bergmann, Leanore Goodenow, Mary Lane Hiatt, Ruth Kaltenbach, Nona Swope and Nancy Zimmerman for useful correspondence; to Rachel Kinworthy and Joyce DeLine Ball for providing original copies of newspaper articles and photos of the hostel; to Harry Wilk for excellent Scattergood Hostel photos; to David Conklin for the kind favor of copying over 110 photos for an amazing low price; to Barry Trachtenberg and Brenda Bailey, who nudged me back on track when I strayed; to Sita Yoder and Becky Calcraft for their thorough editing; to Mary Bennett of the State Historical Society of Iowa in Iowa City and Jack Sutters of the American Friends Service Committee Archives in Philadelphia for invaluable assistance in locating myriad important documents; to Josef Keith and Sylvia Carlyle of the Friends House Library, to David Irwin and Christine Patel of the Weiner Library (both institutions in London) and to Dianne Spielmann of New York's Leo Baeck Institute for being so patient with my numerous requests or questions; to Ruth Rauch, Helen Ritter, Cyma Horowitz and Michele Anish of the American Jewish Committee and to David Rosenstein of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (both being in New York), and to Gail Farr, Jennifer Coleman and Jeremy Carrion of Philadelphia's Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies for research assistance; to Frauen Talay and Wagner of Munich's Institut für Zeitgeschichte for setting me on fruitful searches; to Herrn Reese of Berlin's Luftbrückendank Stiftung for assistance in funding a first stateside research trip; similarly, to AFSC's Tom Conrad, to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's International Outreach Committee and to Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative) for helping provide the financial means to make first in-person contact with numerous survivors in autumn 1994; to Sally (and Chuck) Campbell, Doug Alderfer, Joe Izzo, Mark Dupont and Minneapolis' Omega House folks for providing accommodation on two trips Stateside; to Jane Strange and clan for hospitality while undertaking research in England; to Frau Tolksdorf for helping me find necessary refer-ences; to Herrn Pragst and Frau Haselow of Humboldt Universität's Referat Weiterbildung und Nachwuchsförderung for guidance in procuring a generous Stipendium while I wrote this Dokumentation; to Herrn Hohls and Hans Luedecke for advice on how to do the project justice by German standards; to Gerhard Stiglmair, Yvonne Houy, Kiran Patel and Chris Scharfen-kamp for their academic "proofing"; to Frau Großmann for all her kleine Bemühungen on my behalf; to Herrn Doktor Kaelble; to Herrn Doktor Herbst of Humboldt Universität zu Berlin for overseeing this project, but moreover for having faith in me as a Doktorand in Deutschland.

Deepest thanks to Monika Ruhnke for encouragement as a special friend; to Wolfgang Wagner for suffering me while I obsessed with this labor of love; to INGO Dresp for caring.

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