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I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Prof. Gerhard Ertl for giving me the opportunity to do my Ph.D. in the Fritz-Haber-Institut der MPG. I am grateful to the Max-Planck-Society for the financial support. I thank Dr Karl Doblhofer for the liberty he gave me in learning this field, his valuable guidance and advices. My thanks are due to Prof. Klaus Rademann of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, for his suggestions and guidance on my thesis work. I am grateful to Dr M.V. Sangaranarayanan of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai, India, for introducing me to the field of conducting polymers.

I would like to thank my colleagues Ms Sabine Wasle for her helps to my experimental works, Dr Danilo Dini of University of Rome for his initial experimental works on the polymer MEH-PPV, Mr GennarO Picardi of FHI, for helping me with the Raman spectroscopic measurements, Dr Albrecht Preusser of the Theory Department of FHI for his helps in introducing me to the computer simulations, Mrs Gisela Weinberg of FHI for the SEM measurements, the group of Dr Scheunemann of BESSY II for their valuable help in cross-linking of the polymer, Mr Murali Sukumaran of the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, for helping me with the absorbance and fluorescence measurements and Dr Pranab Kumar Patra of the Freie Universität, Berlin, for his helps in the solvent purification. Above all I would like to thank, Dr Rainer Martin, Dr Cedric Fischmeister and Prof. A.B. Holmes, of the Cambridge University, UK for providing me with the PPV derivative polymers.

My deep thanks are for Ms Reinhardt of FHI for giving me the advices and the emotional support when I needed them the most. I would also like to thank, Dr. Katharina Krischer and Dr. Elena Savinova, for their kind advices. My sincere thanks are also due for Ms Todorova of FHI for being a nice friend and Dr Jae Young Lee for his inspiring words. I like to thank my land lady Ms Becker and Mrs Doblhofer for their kindness, which all made my stay in Berlin a pleasant one.

I would like to thank my Indian colleagues: Mrs Latha Ramachandran, Dr Aldrin Denny, Dr R. Saradha, Dr T. Ramnathan, Dr G. Manickam, Dr A.M. [page 129↓]Sembian, Dr M. Srinivasan, Dr Saroja G. and Dr K. Vijayalakshmi for their care and support and for being nice friends all along. My thanks are also for all those friends who extended their friendship, even across the distances, and filled me with joy. My special thanks is to Dr G. Natrajan of Vivekananda College, India, for his encouragements and guidance in pursuing my studies and to Dr K. Vijayamohanan of the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India for his encouragements.

I thank my parents, Mr R.V. Janakiraman (late) and Mrs J. Pichammal whose affection I am indebted forever. I thank my beloved sister Mrs Lalitha Rajamohan and brothers Mr R.J. Viswanathan, Mr J. Subramanian and Dr R.J. Ramamurthi for their support and care.

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