I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Rainer Borriss for giving me the opportunity to work in his group and to spend five very creative years in his laboratory. I greatly appreciate his continuous advice and interest in my work, but also in my future career.

I would also like to thank Dr. Joachim Vater for his numerous mass spectrometric analyses and for stimulating scientific discussions. Apart from that, I am indebted to him for accepting to be a referee for this thesis, but also for always be willing to help me out with my future career.

I would like to thank Dr. Martin Meixner for his support with the SSH experiments.

Of course, I am grateful to all my colleagues from the “Bakteriengenetik” group for the pleasant atmosphere in the laboratory, numerous discussions and their continuous support. The time with them in the laboratory, but also outside of it, will always stay in my memory. I would especially like to thank Xiao-Hua Chen for the perfect collaboration in the sequencing project as well as for sharing with me several of her mutant strains. My special thanks to Christiana Müller and Sybille Striegl for their help in several experiments, but also for the continuous solving of several everyday problems in the lab; without them things could have only been more difficult for the completion of this thesis.

I want also to thank Christina Pesavento for helping me out with writing the german version of the summary in my thesis.

I would like to thank my parents, my sister and especially my dear Nassos.

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