First I would like to express my greatest thanks to my supervisor Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann. I appreciate his insistent fascination for science encouraging own concepts, creating a warm lab atmosphere and motivating during difficult times.

I am very grateful to PD Dr. Michael Veit who kindly provided the SFV and VSV stocks. I appreciate his untiringly kindness and patience while sharing his vast knowledge with me. I am much obligated to Prof. Dr. Edda Klipp for her interest in my work resulting in a precious collaboration. I am very thankful to Prof. Dr. Oliver Seitz for his continuous encouragement concerning the FIT-PNA project. I am much obligated to my collaborators Dr. Andrea Knoll who performed the FIT-PNA synthesis and RT-qPCR as well as Max Flöttmann and Björn Schwanhäußer who took me on a journey of fuzzy-c means and GO term analysis.

I am thankful to Dr. Thomas Korte for introducing me into the field of fluorescence microscopy and Dr. Martin Stöckl who helped me getting prepared for data analysis. I also would like to thank Gudrun Habermann and Sabine Schiller for keeping the lab-routine running. I am also thankful to Dr. Peter Müller for brightening up any rainy day with his wisdom.

I am greatly indebted to all my dear present and former lab members of the Molecular Biophysics group- thank you all for being friends rather than just colleagues. In particular, I would like to thank Aouefa for “frenching up” my life, Caro for her fantastic Apfelstrudel and Christian (C7) for kindly reviewing most parts of this work. It was a pleasure for me to meet you all!

I especially would like to thank Gabi and Roland from the bottom of my heart for their constant friendship, their sympathetic ear for every problem and the fantastic time we had. It was an honour to share the office with you both. I really will miss you!

I would like to thank my dear friends, Annett, Pia, Geraldine, Kerstin, Marie, Sarah and Theresa (and all the others I forgot), for their sincere friendship – science can be frustrating and a social backup is absolute mandatory. Many thanks for every moment I did not think about bothering experiments!

I am greatly indebted to Ines Thiere, PD Dr. Carsten Scheller and Kathrin Plochmann who had the deepest impact on my enthusiasm for molecular biology and virology.

I owe deepest thanks to my family for their unconditional love and confidence they have shown in me: My mother and the man in my life who deserves to be named my father for being the most wonderful parents I could ever expect. I am greatly indebted to my dear sisters, Alexandra, Andrea, Cathleen und Cathrin, and of course my lovely grandparents (here or somewhere else) who never stopped supporting me to reach my goals.

My most sincere thanks go to Karsten. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. I just want to thank you with all my heart for your everlasting love and faith you had in me. You know how to handle my sometimes effervescing nature and enthusiasm. What we share is simply wonderful. Thousand thanks!

And in the end I apologize for being so emotional:

For me a more than 15-year-old dream became true – and now it`s time for new ones!

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