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This work, supported by the Swedish Medical Research Council, The Swedish Cancer Society, Lions Cancer Research Fund, The Swedish Society of Medicine and Thorsten and Ragnar Söderbergs Foundation, was performed at the Department of Surgery, Uppsala, Sweden. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the following people for their invaluable help.

Ola Hessman, my supervisor, for introducing me into the exciting field of laboratory work and teaching me a good deal of methods and lab smartness, knowhow in data processing, for always being so patient with me and always having a spare moment to help and advise me on my questions and for the nice good-bye come-together on his boat.

Göran Ǻkerström, professor and “Doktorvater”, head of our research group, for offering this project to me when I first had the idea of doing research for my German doctoral thesis in Sweden, for welcoming me so warmly into his group, for believing in me and complimenting me on my „ well-done first try in research „ .

Daniel Lindberg, for being an enormous help with all kinds of computer catastrophies and for invaluable talks about interhuman matters !

Pamela Correa, for taking me along to the social side of Swedish life and for helping me with her knowhow at the lab.

Gunnar Westin, the genetic expert in our group, for always being helpful in all matters.

Eva Szabo, for introducing me to PCR robots and Genetic Analyzers, great working-together and for many good talks when not feeling like working.

All other members of our wonderful lab group, Birgitta Bondesson, Ulrika Segersten, Per Hellman, Peter Lillhager and Tobias Carling.

All of the above-mentioned, for welcoming me so warmly into their group and being very patient in teaching me Swedish, for helping me getting into the field of science, I definitely picked the best lab in the world to start research at.

Bertram Wiedenmann, professor and “Doktorvater”, for taking over the supervision of my doctoral thesis in Berlin.

My friends Sibylle and Franziska for keeping up my humour over the phone when life was being unfair.

My mother Ingeborg and my father Herbert for constantly encouraging me from back home and reminding me that there are more moments when everything goes wrong but that this wouldn´t last. Thank you so much for making my wonderful years in Sweden possible !

My sisters Deborah, Noemi and Eva for reminding me that there is always a bright side of life, my grandmother and aunt, for making us a great family !

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