I thank Wolfgang Schmidt for providing the interesting topic, the money for the material, literature tips, and the interesting scientific discussions. My special thank belongs to Tom Buckhout for giving me the possibility to work in his lab, for supervision, the scientific discussions and all things I could learn from him. Bettina Linke for the seminars in plant development and tips in molecular biology. Susanne Olstowski-Jacoby for sowing out the plants for the fine mapping and for the double mutant analysis, which was a big help. Marion Dewender for running the lab, and Immo Reinhardt, Nadine Jungnick, Franziska Beran, Juliane Wambutt, Sylvia Griese for the scientific exchange. Thomas Altmann for the possibility to map the mutation in his lab and for his useful advices. Ottó Törjek for introducing me into map-based cloning and Maik Zehnsdorf for showing me the SNsPshot analysis. Melanie Teltow for showing me the crossing and the Arabidopsis greenhouse culture. Georg Strompen for and Hanna Wall for their advices in map-based cloning. Bernhardt Grimm for giving be the possibility to use the plant culture root and the greenhouse and for the scientific exchange. Ute Krämer for ICP analysis and Ina Talke for instructing me into ICP digestion. Dörte Boll for her big help with the primary screening. Angelika Pötter for watering the Arabidopsis for fine mapping and double mutant analysis in the greenhouse. Renate Kort for her excellent technical assistance with the cryo-SEM. Günther Scholz for proving the microtome and microscopy facilities. Kurt Zoglauer making the whole-plant photos with his Nikon D 70 camera. Andrea Rupps for coaching and proof reading and, finally, my father for his support.

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