(A) Primary Sources


PLC members

Rawia El Shawa, 24 April 1998

Youssef Abu Safiah, 7 & 26 May, 26 June 1998, and 26 June 1999.

Ziad Abu Amr, 9 May 1998.

Abdel Karim Abu Salah, 1 June 1998.

Sa’di El Krunz, 15 July 1998.

Ra’fat El Najar, 20 July 1998, 7 October 2004.

Mawaia El Masri, 20 August 1999 & 20 August 2000.

Kamal al-Shrafi, 6 September 1999.

Hassan Khrisha, 3 September 2000 (Telephone Call).

Abed Rabu Abu Uwn, 6 October 2004

PA officials

Farid Ghanam, Director-General of Public Finance. Gaza: Ministry of Finance, 15 September 2004.

Mohammad Abu Hashiesh, Director-General of Health Insurance Directorate, Ministry of Health, 19 September 2004.

Ali Khalifa, Director-General of Education Planning, Ministry of Education, 25 September 2004.

Mahmmoud Muteer, Acting Deputy-Minister of Social Affairs, Ministry of Social Affairs, 27 September 2004.

Mohammad Abu Jarad (Abu Usamah), Deputy-Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance, 21 October 2004.

Abdel El Rahman El Barqawi, Director-General of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health, 28 October 2004.

Abdel Aziz Shaheen, Former Minister of Supply, 28 October 2004.

Representatives of Charitable and Grassroots Institutions

Ahmad Bahr, head of the Hamas affiliated “Islamic Society”, 31 August 2004.

Nafez Al Araj, head of the Islamic Jihad affiliated “Friends of Martyr Society”, Gaza office, 2 September 2004.

Muna El Farah, Director of the Community Health Department of the PFLP affiliated Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC), 5 September 2005.

General Publics

Palestinian graduates, Gaza: before the Minsitry of Finance headquarter, 15 September 2004.



The Palestine Order in Council”. 10 August 1922.

On the Peace Process

The Declaration of Principles,September 13, 1993.Online

Agreement on the Gaza Strip and the Jericho Area (Cairo Agreement),May 4, 1994.Online

Protocol on Economic Relations Between the Government of Israel and the PLO. Online

The Israeli-Palestinian Agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip,September 28, 1995. Online

The Wye-River Memorandum,October 23, 1998. Online

The Sharm El-Sheikh Memorandum.September 4, 1999. Online 99/sharm.html

“Mitchael Report, 30 April 2001”, and “Tenet Plan, June 2001”. Can be found:

President Bush’s Speech of 24 June 2002 can be found: <>

The “Road Map” Plan is cited on;

With Relation to PLC

Minutes of Palestinian Legislative Council Second Term’s sessions (March 1997-March 1998).

Minutes of Palestinian Legislative Council Third Term’s sessions (March 1998-March 1999).

Minutes of Palestinian Legislative Council Forth Term’s sessions (March 1999-March 2000).

The PLC Standing Order PLC’s webpage < >

The PLC Basic Law

E’Alan Sadir An El Majlis El Tashri’e Li Tatweer wa Islah Moasasat El Sultah El Watanya El Filistinya (A declaration published by the PLC to reform and develop the Palestinian National Authority Institutions). Palestine: PLC, 16 May 2002. An English translation of the same document can be found

Published by Palestinian Ministries:

Ministry of Education. Al Khita El Khamsyah Li El Ta’leem fi Falistine (The Five-year Plan for Education in Palestine). Gaza: Ministry of Education, December, 2000 ------------------------. El Ta’leem Li El Jame’a: El Waqie’ wi El Tahdyaat. (Education for All: Facts and Challenges). Gaza: Ministry of Eductaion, 1th part, 2004.-------------------------. Al Khita El Khamsyah Al-Tatwiryah Al-Olah, 2001/2005: Mwjz Tawdihi (The first developmental five-year plan: brief description). Gaza: Ministry of Education.

Palestinian Cabinet. “100 days plan of the Palestinian government”. Palestine, 2002, can be found

News Agencies:





Palestine News Agency of “WAFA”. English Internet edition

4) Newspapers


Financial Times

Herald Tribune

The Times


“Neue Zürcher Zeitung“. Internet English edition:

Der Tagesspiegel


Jerusalem Post.

Haaretz. English internet edition < >

Yediot Ahronot


The London-based of Al-Hayat

Arabic News Internet English edition >

Al-sharq Al-Awsat. Arabic internet edition: < >




Al Hayat Al-Jadeeda



Al-Quds Al-Arabi



Al-Watan. Internet edition < >

5) Periodicals


Third World Quarterly

Middle East International

Middle East Policy

Journal of Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA). Internet editions


Arab Studies Journal


Palestine Studies.

Journal of Palestine Studies.

Palestine-Israel Journal

Palestine Report. Internet editions

Al Waqaea’ El Filistaniya (Arabic). The formal Gazette of Gaza Strip.

Al Waqaea’ (Arabic) The formal gazette of PA.

6) Press Releases:

Palestinian Institutions and Organizations

The Gaza-based Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR):
27 May & 10, 13, 26 June, 1996; 30 October & 7 November 1998; 2 February & 10 March, 5 & 26 August, 28 November 1999. 2 & 31 March, and 8 April 2004. Online < >

The Ramallah-based LAW institute
18 December 1998; 14 June, 26 August, and 28 November 1999. Online

The Ramallah based- Al Haq institute:
16 December 1999. Online <>

7) Reports

Palestine Government Reports:

Palestine Government’s Annual Report to the League of Nations (31 December 1924). Online <>

Report of the High Commissioner on the Administration of Palestine 1920-1925. Palestine Government, 1925.

Palestine Government’s Annual Report to the League of Nations (31 December 1930). Online

Palestine Government Annual Report to the League of Nations (31 December 1934). Online <>.

Palestine Government Annual Report to the League of Nations (31 December 1936). Online <>

Palestine Royal Commission Report (Peel commission). July 1937.

UN bodies Reports

Social, Economic and Political Institutions in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. New York: United Nations, 1982.

Life of the Palestinians Under Israeli Occupation. Report of the UN Special Committee to Investigate the Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of Palestinians People and other Arabs of the Occupied Territories, January 1992.

UNRWA. Satistical Yearbook 1989-1990. Vienna/Austria: Department of Education/UNRWA, No. 26, December 1990.

Office of UN Special Coordinator in Occupied Territories. “Rule of Law Development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Survey and State of the Development Effort”. May, 1999. The West Bank and Gaza Strip Private Economy: Conditions and Prospects. Special Report, Gaza, February, 1998. <>

World Bank Reports

Developing the Occupied Territories: An Investment in Peace. Washington, D.C.: Human Resources and Social Policy, Vol. 6, September 1993.

International Human Rights Organizations Reports

Human Rights Watch.“Torture and Physical Abuse by the Security Services”. Online < >--------------------------.“Razing Rafah: Mass Home Demolitions in the Gaza Strip”. May 2004.

Fmep. Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories: A Guide. Fmep, A special Report of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, March 2002,

Israeli Organizations Reports

Applied Research Institute. “The Har Homa Settlement and the Uprooting of Abu Ghnaim Forest”. Jerusalem: March 1997,

B’tselem. Land Grab: Israeli Settlement Policy in the West Bank. Jerusalem: B’Tselem, May 2002,

PA Reports

Cabinet Office. Cabinet Reports on PNA Ministries: 1997-1998. Palestine: Cabinet Office, September 1998.

Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC). 1997 Third Quarterly Monitoring Report of Donor Assistance. Gaza: October 31, 1997 , (unpublished report).

The Palestinian Ministry of Health.Health Status in Palestine: Ministry of Health Annual Report. Gaza, July 2004.

Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Reports:

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR).Annual Reports of 1997, 1998, and 1999. Gaza: PCHR.
-----------------------------------the Right to Freedom of Expression and the Right to Peacefull Assembly Under the Palestinian National Authority: The Case of the Gaza Strip (May 1994-December 1998,. Gaza: Series Study (18), September 1999.

Palestinian Grassroots Organizations Reports

Union of Health Work Committees (UHWC) annual reports of 1995, 1996, and 2002.

General Reports

Jordan Institute of Public Administrtaion. Decentralized Good Governance: Jordan Case Study. UNDP Decentralized Programme, 1998.


8) Selected Webpages:

B) Secondary Sources

Books & Articles


Hilal, J. El Nizam El Syasi El Filistini ba’d Uslo:Dirasah Tahlilyah Naqdyah (The Palestinian Political System After Oslo: A critical Assesment). Ramallah/West Bank: Institute for the Study of Democracy, July 1998.

--------------. Takween El Nokhba El Filistinya Munz Noshoa’ El Harkah El Watanya elah Ma ba’d El Sulta El Watanya. (The formation of the Palestinian Elite: From the Palestinian National Movement to the Rise of the Palestinian Authority). Ramallah/West Bank: The Palestinian Institute for the Study of Democracy, 2002.

PCHR (Arabic). Qanun El Khidmah Al Madinyah: Ba’yn El Nazriyah wa El Tatbieq. (The Civil Service Law: Between Theory and Practice). Gaza: Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), Series Studies (17), September 1999.

2) English

Abidi, A. Jordan: A Political Study, 1948-1957. New York: Asia Publishing House, 1965.

Abu-Eisheh, S. Public Utilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. October 1994. Online

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