The work was part of a collaborative effort performed at the laboratories of Dr. S. Nigam andProf. H.Kühn. Majority of the work was performed in the laboratory of Dr. Nigam.

I am deeply indebted to Prof. Hartmut Kühn for his guidance, support and involvement duringthe writing of this thesis.

Without Prof. Tankred Schewe and Dr. Christiane Schewe’s constant encouragement and helpthis thesis would not have been possible. I would like to specially mention Prof. Schewe’srole and influence in my scientific life. Dr. Christiane Schewe went out of her way to do makethe impossible possible. Thank you very much.

I am very deeply grateful to Dr. Dr. Dr. hc. Santosh Nigam for providing me an opportunity towork in his lab and for presenting an invigorating scientific environment.

My friends have been the one thing that kept me going. They are so many to name and solittle space is available and also I would not like to embarrass anyone of them. In spite of theups and downs in life, you have been like a rock supporting me.

I would like to thank all the people in labs surrounding mine, who helped me laugh and cryand provided such a nice environment to work in.

I am thankful to Mrs. Nigam for her kindness, care and affection.

A big thank you to Free University and German Science Council (DFG) for the financial support.

The last line is, of course, reserved for my family, who were simply, as usual, great and thiswork is dedicated to them.

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