This work has been a result of collaboration between Prof. Andreas Herrmann, Institute of Biology/Molecular Biophysics, Humboldt University Berlin and Prof. M. F. G. Schmidt, Institute of Immunology and Molecular Biology (IMB), Department of Veterinary medicine, Free University Berlin. Majority of the work has been done at IMB, FU-Berlin.

At the outset, I wish to express my profound thanks to my employer and supervisor Prof. Andreas Herrmann on whose invitation I arrived in Germany to conduct research work. He has been a great support for me through out my research work. His observations and critical suggestions have invigorated my thinking into finding new ways to deal with the research. I appreciate his keen interest in my scientific career and his attitude of helping by going out of the way in my needy hour. I consider it as a boon to work with him.

I am also thankful to PD. Dr. Michael Veit and Prof. Michael F. G. Schmidt for allocating me working space and for the wonderful milieu at IMB, FU-Berlin. I express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Veit for his helpful discussions in research related problems and also for critically reviewing this thesis work. Discussions with Dr. Veit always used to give good clues thwarting away the crisis periods.

A friend in need is friend indeed. Dr. Lydia Scharek, IMB has been a great friend and a great colleague at IMB. Without Lydia’s help, it would have been a great trouble for me to understand the nitty-gritty of life in Germany. I am very thankful for all her help and appreciate her patience in critically proof-reading this thesis.

My thanks are due to Dr. Thomas Korte at Mol. Biophysics for helping me out with fluorescence microscopy. It is because of his help in writing a macro for my fluorescence microscopy; I could handle with ease more than ten mutants.

No work would be complete with out the help of technical staff and I owe my deep sense of gratitude to Mrs. Ingrid Poese for all her help in making my work simple.

I am indebted to all the staff at Institute of Mol.Biophysics and IMB for their whole hearted help and making my stay memorable. My special thanks to Mrs. Angela Piater, secretary to Prof. Herrmann for helping me to get over all the bureaucracy matters.

Friends have always been my strength and it is a delight to acknowledge all those who have been with me for various periods of time. I take this opportunity to acknowledge one and all.

Finally, my fondest appreciations go to my parents, brothers, and wife. It is their love and encouragement for what I am today.

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