Curriculum vitae


Zully Maritza Ritter (geb. Maldonado Mora)


Cúcuta, Colombia

Date of Birth

7 June .1968

Marital Status:



Tauroggener Straße 39

10589 Berlin


Primary and secondary school education:Primary: Cúcuta, February 1973 to November 1977

Secondary: Cúcuta, February 1978 to November 1983

University-entrance for degree program: February 1984

Postgraduate studies:

October 2000 - present

Doctoral Thesis: Numerical Simulation of osteochondral repair. Development of a predictive tissue differentiation model for understanding the influence of mechanical conditions on osteochondral healing. Project developed at Charité. Humboldt University. Berlin. Campus Virchow Klinikum

Title to be obtained: Dr. rerum medicarum.

For this propose preliminary studies:

In Germany:

Germany language courses in the Goethe Institute of Göttingen from April to September 2000.

In the Engineering faculty at the Central University of Venezuela:

From 1998 to 1999

A 3D Boundary Element Sensitivity Formulation for Bone Remodeling.

This project ended when I obtained a DAAD scholarship

Likewise at the Engineering Faculty in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV)

From March 1995 to March 1999

Studies of Magister Scientiarum: 3D analysis, numerical simulation, and design of hip prostheses.

This thesis won the National Award "Orinoquia" for the best postgraduate applied research project 1999/2000.

Title: Magister Scientiarum in Structural Engineering. Graduation: 11 July 1999.

Undergraduate Studies

From February 1984 to December 1991

Graduate studies at the Engineering Faculty of the Francisco de Paula Santander University

Thesis: Development of a numerical model for reinforced masonry

Title: Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Graduation: 20 December 1991

Professional life as structural engineering

From 1992 to 1994. Responsible for the calculation and construction of various structural projects to be built in Cúcuta and Arauca, Colombia.

Awards and Recognitions.

- "Orinoquia" Award for the best national postgraduate applied research project 1999/2000. 16 June 2000. Caracas,. Venezuela.

- DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship to write a PhD at the Charité Humboldt University. Berlin, from April 2000 to present . (including 6 months of language courses).

- Magister Scientiarum thesis (Summa cum laude.), 7 July 1999. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Civil Engineering Degree Thesis, Maximal grade (5.0/5.0). 20 Dezember 1991. Cúcuta. Colombia.

Languages: Spanish (native language), German, English.

Hobbies: Literature, chess, astronomy, reading about theoretical physics, travel.

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