2. Artikel aus Zeitungen und Zeitschriften

A star to some, anathema to many. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-12-12)=332. -S. 9.

A stone shakes many foundations. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, (1989-11-15).

All-party meet for status quo on temple issue. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LVIII(1990-10-18)=299. -S. 1, 9.

Alliance Can Help Defeat Cong. :EMS. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-8-20). -S. 8.

Astrologers oppose temple work. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-8-3)=214. -S. 7.

Ayodhya Issue Hotting Up Again'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-7-6)=206. -Section 2. -S. 1.

Ayodhya land disputed: HC: VHP firm on 'shilanyas'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-11-8)=240. -S. 1.

Ayodhya March 'Deffered' By 4 Weeks. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-8-9)=220. -S. 1.

Ayodhya situation created by Govt.: Advani. -In: The Hindu. -Gurgaon, 113(1990-11-23)=279. -S. 4.

Ayodhya-a land of no conflict. -In: The Independent. -Bombay, 1(1989-11-20)=54. -S. 2.

Babari Masjid' Gangs Feel Invigorated By Bangalore Riots - Threaten To Demolish Hindu Temples. -In: Organiser . -New Delhi, XXXVIII(1987-1-11)35. -S.15.

Babari Zealots, (Editorial). -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVIII(1987-1-18)36. -S. 3.

Babri Dispute Not A Major Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-8-8)=219. -S. 1.

Ban VHP, Says Shahabuddin. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-9-21)=261. -S.8.

Bharat Bandh Big Success. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXVII(1989-9-3)36. -S. 1.

BJP Amends Party Statute. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-7-24)=204. -S.24.

BJP call to defer Ayodhya plans. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-1-28)=26. -S. 16.

BJP For Talks On Babri Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-6-12)=162. -S. 1.

BJP may decide to withdraw support to Govt. -In: Hindustan Times. -New Delhi, (1990-10-17). -S. 1 u. Rückseite.

BJP to confront NF Govt on Ramjanmabhoomi issue. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLI(1990-7-8)49. -S. 1, 15.

BJP to go ahead with Temple plan. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-2-25)=54. -S. 7.

BJP will not make Ayodhya poll issue: Advani. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLI(1989-10-1)12. -S.15.

BJP's mixed signals on temple issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-2-2)=31. -S. 1.

BJP's National Solidarity Rally: Call for clearcut Kashmir Policy. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLI(1990-5-13)41. -S. 1, 15.

BJP's Ramayan: (Sidhvi Ritambharas Rede wurde in diesem Beitrag fälschlicherweise als eine Rede der BJP-Abgeordneten Uma Bharti ausgegeben). -In: Manushi. -New Delhi, (1990)60. -S. 4, 6.

BJP: A Strategy For Victory, -'Sindhu'. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1983-4-10)47. -S. 5.

Buta's Assurance On Babri Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-2-3)=34. -S. 14.

Buta, Tiwari Hold Talks On Babri Masjid. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-7-31)=211. -S. 7.

Centre to uphold verdict. -In: The Statesman. -New Delhi, (1990-7-30).

Communal Situation Worries Rajiv. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-4-21)=110. -S. 3.

Communal Violance In Madhya Pradesh. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXVII(1989-10-22)44. -S. 8-9.

Communication gap led to Ayodhya events. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-11-10)=306. -S. 9.

Confront Communalism Openly Urges PM. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-10-17)=287. -S. 9.

Congress I stays away. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LVIII(1990-10-18)=299. -S. 1, 9.

Courts can't decide Babri issue: Deoras. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-6-13)=163. -S. 6.

Crucial period ahead for Hindus: VHP. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, (1990-6-7).

Deathwish of NF Govt. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLI(1990-6-10)45. -S. 1, 15.

Decision To Block March To Ayodhya. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-7-6)=187. -S. 1.

Deoras praises VHP. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, (1989-11-12).

Dharma Sansad Warns GOI Against Anti-Hindu Bias. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXV(1984-4-22)49. -S. 1 u. 2.

Dharma Sansad's Call For Campaign Against Dowry And Untouchability. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVII(1985-11-24)28. -S. 6 u. 10.

Ekatmata Flops. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, (1983-12-11)50. -S. 4.

EMS For JD-NF Govt. Sans BJP. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-9-24). -S. 11.

Farewell, Indiraji! -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1984-11-11 u. 18)26 u. 27. -S. 1.

Fight to finish at Ayodhya: BJP. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-11-1)=298. -S. II.

Foundation Of Hindu Rashtra: VHP. -In: The Statesman. -Calcutta, (1989-11-10).

Front to stake claim today: Left promises support. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-11-29)=261. -S. 1.

Frustrate Attempts At Communal Confrontation: CPI At Opposition Meet With Home Minister. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXII(1989-5-21)21. -S. 1.

Govt asks VHP to defer Plan. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-2-7)=36. -S. 1.

Govt blamed for Ayodhya killings. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LIX(1990-12-15)=43. -S. 7.

Govt not earnest: Advani. -In: TOI. -New Delhi , CLIII(1990-10-20)=288. -S. 16.

Govt. May Mediate Babri Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-8-6)= 217. - S. 1.

Hindu Feeling Of Insecurity Is Of Gravest Concern For National Integration'. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVIII(1986-11-16)27. -S. 3.

Hindu Sansad Discusses "Threats" to Hinduism. -In: The Hindu. -, (1985-10-30/31). -In: Muslim India. -New Delhi, IV(January 1986)37. -S. 14.

Hindu Sinharjana: (Sonderausgabe von): -Vivek. -Mumbai, 1991).

Hindus Asked To Vote En Bloc. -In: The Statesman. -New Delhi, (1989-10-24).

Hindus, Muslims should resolve issue'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, (1990-10-18).

I only ordered the arrest: Bihar CM. -In: The Hindu. -Gurgaon, 113(1990-10-24)=251. -S. 1.

I'll build the temple: Dwarka Swami. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLIII(1990-2-6)=35. -S. 26.

If the Rama temple cannot be constructed in India, will it be built in New York or London? asks Advani. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLII(1990-9-2)4. -S. 9.

Intelligentsia Swayed By Alien Thinking. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-11-15)=316. -S. 5.

Irony Tinges Talks At Surajkund. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-6-2)=152. -S. 9.

Isolate Communal Forces, Defeat Congress (I): Left Parties Appeal. -In: People's Democracy. -New Delhi, XIII(1989-10-8)41. -S. 1.

Janam Bhoomi an election issue'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-4-3)=92. -S. 7.

Joyous Crowds Enter Ram Janma Bhumi. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1986-2-9&16)39-40. -S. 1, 15.

Kar sewa to continue till Nov 7'. -In: Indian Express, LVIII(1990-10-31)=311. -S. 15.

Kar sewa will begin as scheduled: VHP. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LVIII(1990-10-24)=304. -S. 9.

Mockery of ban. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-8-31)=242. -Sect. 2. -S. 3.

Muslim Directors in Private Sector. -In: Muslim India. -New Delhi, VIII(December 1990)96. -S. 556.

Muslims Reject Ordinance. -In: Radiance. -Delhi, XXVI(1990)9. -S. 13.

Nation asserts: Rally Chides Pseudosecular Gimmicks. -In: Hindu Chetna. -New Delhi, I(1991-4-14)16. -S. 1.

Nine-Party Agreement On Nine-Point Programme. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXIX(1987-10-4)18. -S. 15 u. 16.

No compromise on temple: Advani. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LIX(1990-11-20)=18. -S. 1.

No Róle In Ayodhya, Says Arun Nehru. -In: The Statesman. -New Delhi, (1989-8-17).

No SC ban on Shila rallies. -In: The Hindustan Times. -New Delhi, (1989-10-28).

No Viable Alternative To Cong.'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-7-12)=193. -S. 5.

Opposition Casteist, Feudal: Rajiv. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-11-6)=308. -S. 1.

Opposition Nation's Foe: PM. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI (1988-11-1)=303. -S. 1.

Opposition On The Offensive. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXIX(1988-3-20)40. -S. 1-2.

P M's Call To Retain Cultural Heritage. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-1-21)=21. -S. 3.

P. B. Condemns VHP Decision On Ayodhya. -In: People's Democracy. -New Delhi, XIII(1989-10-29)44. -S. 2.

Plea to free seer rejected. -In: The Hindustan Times. -New Delhi, (1990-5-5).

PM's Assurance To Babri Panel. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-2-2)=33. -S. 1.

Poison Pen. -In: The Sunday Times Of India. -New Delhi, II(1992-9-13)50. -S. 11.

Propaganda during Kumbh Mela flayed. -In: National Herald. -New Delhi, XX(1989-2-3)=335. -S. 12.

Provocative Poster Over 'Babari Mosque'. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1986-2-23)41. -S. 16.

Rajiv Gandhi Must Resign And Seek Fresh Mandate. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXV(1987-12-13)50. -S. 1.

Rajiv Promises 'Ram Rajya'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-11-4)=236. -S. 1.

Ram Janm Bhumi Agitation Starts Communal Riots. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXII(1984-10-14)42. -S. 9.

Ram Rajya' Alternative To Kalyug? -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-11-6).

Ram Temple Issue: Advani to go on 'rathyatra'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, (1990-9-13).

Ramajanmabhumi Should Be Restored To Hindus By Act Of Parliament. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXIX(1987-7-26)9. -S. 7.

Renewed Struggle To Liberate Sri Rama Temple. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1985-3-31)46. -S. 10.

Resolve to fight for Liberation of Ramajanmabhoomi. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXV(1984-4-29)50. -S. 10.

Revamping BJP. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1985-4-7)47. -S. 3.

Rift In JD Over Tie-Up With BJP. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLII(1989-10-8). -S. 1.

Sahay meets VHP, Babri panel teams. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, (1990-7-31).

Says Mulayam: Present structure will not be demolished. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LVIII(1990-10-27)=307. -S. 5.

SC dismisses writ seeking ban on 'Rath'. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-10-23)=290. -S. 7.

Shilanyas' site not disputed: UP govt: VHP assurance on peace. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-11-9)=241. -S. 1.

Shri Janmabhoomi Samiti's Appeal For Amity. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVI(1986-2-23)41. -S. 15.

Six Do's For Hindus. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXX(1979-2-11)38. -S. 16.

Stop this madness. -In: Indian Express. -New Delhi, LIX(1990-11-3)=1. -S. 8.

Temple construction plan postponed. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLIII(1990-2-10)=39. -S. 1.

Tepid Response To Ram Shila Poojan. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-10-1)=273. -S. 3.

The Great action plan announced. -In: Hindu Chethana. -New Delhi, I(1990-9-15)2. -S. 1, 5-6, 11-12.

Top Police Officials Discuss Babri Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLII(1989-8-22)=233. -S. 22.

Tripartite Talks On Ayodhya Issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLI(1988-8-20)=230. -S. 1.

Unanswered Question. -In: New Age. -New Delhi, XXXI(1983-10-9)41. -S. 3.

V. P. Singh Govt's performance far from satisfactory. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XLI(1990-6-10)45. -S. 5.

VHP may defer plan. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-2-8)=37. -S. 1, 16.

VHP Ready To Defy Police: Work on temple from Feb. 14. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-1-28)=26. -S. 1.

VHP seeks Muslims' help. -In: The Hindustan Times. -New Delhi, LXVII(1990-11-8)=309. -S. 5.

VHP to defy Govt on temple issue. -In: TOI. -New Delhi, CLIII(1990-6-21)=169. -S. 3.

VHP to go ahead with temple plan. -In: The Statesman. -New Delhi, (1990-6-9).

VHP ultimatum to govt. on Ayodhya. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLIII(1990-2-25)=54. -S. 7.

VHP waiting to raise issue: Rajiv. -In: TOI. -Bombay, CLIII(1990-2-14)=43. -S. 5.

VHP's Writ Petition Against Ban On Peaceful Rath Yatras in UP And Obnoxious Remarks By The CM. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXVIII(1986-8-24)15. -S. 14.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Criticises Janata Resolution At Bangalore. -In: Organiser. -New Delhi, XXXIX(1988-2-28)37. -S. 10.

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