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I thank the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for financial support through ZAREP during the first three years and for study leave to enable me to take up the study project. In this regard, the practical support and encouragement of the Director of Agriculture, the Assistant Directors of Agriculture for Extension and Irrigation and Land Husbandry, and that of the Project Manager, ZAREP, is worth mentioning.

I thank the Meteorological Department Headquarters, Lusaka, for help and meteorological data through Mr. Mbewe, Rain Officer and Mr. Charles Nawa at the data bank.

I thank Prof. Dr. J. U. Nagel for making himself available and for taking up the Chairmanship of the Examination Commission. Through him and in his capacity as Chairman, I would like to express my gratitude to the Landwirtschaflich-Gärtnerische Fakultät of the Humboldt University Berlin and its members of staff whose contribution played a vital role in the completion of the study project.

Professor Dr. K.J. Peters took the trouble to supervise this work and did his best to facilitate the conducting of research work at the Institute for Applied Animal Sciences in Berlin, Dahlem. I express my gratitude for this and appreciate the flexibility to allow a reflection of some aspects of my previous work experience. Perhaps a much greater source of motivation than any other wish I could have. This is broadly reflected in the tropical animal production aspect which I enjoyed and in the multi-disciplinary approach which was challenging. I thank him for his advice and for providing the necessary inputs through the Institute.

I thank Prof. Dr.G. Seeland for taking up the co-supervision of this work in the last days and at short notice; for useful suggestions and for encouragement.

I also thank Dr. habil. Helmut Schafft for advice in the planning phase of the experiments. Except for heavy commitments in the last days, he was otherwise ready to co-supervise this work right from the beginning to the end. This work could therefore not have been what it is without his involvement.

I thank Frau Dr. C. Kijora and appreciate her help and constructive suggestions for improvement and for her preparedness to discuss many issues. Her organisational role in this context cannot go unnoticed.

Professor Dr. Werner Schlote and Dr. K. P. Mathur gave me valuable advice during the planning phase of the experiments especially regarding the distribution of the animals. I am grateful for their supervision and for conducting courses in statistics to prepare for the task of data processing.

I thank Dr. James London for much advice and inspiration during the planning phase of the work and for reference to some relevant literature. I also thank Dr. Klim Bayébinam Kezie for much advice and all-weather help and especially for suggesting a better format of tables.

Frau Dr. Irmgard Immig’s involvement and inspiration were constructive during and after the planning phase. I had the opportunity to draw from her orientation of nutrition and physiology.

I thank Professor Dr. J.H. Weniger for useful discussions regarding the ideal combination of ambient temperature and relative humidity for the climate chamber, for encouragement and for the invitation for discussions - an ideal atmosphere.

After discussions with Professor Dr. H. J. Schwartz I was able to make the final decision on the level of temperature to be used in the climate chamber. I thank him for this enlightenment and direction.

I thank Frau Ilona Koernicke for initial supervision and advice in data processing.

For long hours of supervision and for many patient answers to seemingly endless questions I thank Herr Wolf F. Lesenner and Herr Andreas Baudisch - the perfect team. I appreciate Herr Lesenner’s competence and advice, in his good natured manner, to re-write the data all over again using a more appropriate format! I appreciate Herr Baudisch’s mathematical competence and thoroughness. I am indeed proud to have been their student.

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Frau Dr. Ulrike Funke and Frau Christa Wolff gave me much encouragement and consistent help and supervision in the search for literature and I hereby duly express my gratitude to them. Frau Christa Wolff and Frau Dr. med. Irina Schachnasarowa did much at their disposal to support the work. Frau Doris Schulze and Frau Dr. Annette Simon made very important contributions during my literature research.

Many were also the people whose help was decisive in carrying out the study project as smoothly as possible. I appreciate the work, involvement and commitment of the manager of the research station, Herr Peter Kannegiesser and that of Frau Anette Plehnert and all their staff. I appreciate Meister G. Strietzel’s help and wisdom and thank him for his spirit of co-operation. I worked longest with Herr Klaus Marburg, meat technologist, and Herr Franz Tomiste. I thank Herr Klaus Marburg for his co-operation and the competence and patience to answer my many endless questions! I thank Herr Franz Tomiste for assistance even at awkward hours and for offering me his bicycle to ease my transport situation. I also remember Herr Wolfgang Wree, Herr Theo Nielebock, Herr Frank Postleb and Frau Katrin Beck as excellent working colleagues worthy of gratitude. And I thank Herr Jens Fuchs for seeing to the health of the animals.

I thank Herr Werner Kuschke for welfare in the guest house. I also thank Frau F. Treitz, Frau Monika Launert and Frau Ilona Stöcker for supplies, realising the heavy demands made upon them and their office.

I thank Frau Dr. Erika Wellner for encouragement and help with the dissection of the animals. Special thanks to Frau Monika Heller and her team who consistently helped with the dissection of the animals. I mention Frau Jutta Tulke, Frau Ingrid Gründel, Frau Gabriele Pernkopf, and Frau Hannelore Eigenwillig. Dissecting was such a long and tedious job and surprising was how much they were willing to come forward and get involved!

I thank Frau U. Friedlieb for quick response to help. Herr Hans Seekamp for help with the graphics on the basis of which some basic theory of this work could be demonstrated; Frau Susanne Moryson for access to records of animals and Frau Jeannette Lenk for rearranging the tables. I also thank my colleagues for moral support and help especially Frau Manuela Diehl, the late Md. Mizanur Rahman, MHSRIP, whose practical help I could count on; Dr. Girma Abebe for help and moral support; and Dr. Michael Waithaka who was very understanding, supportive and helpful and always managing to give me the right push. Brother Raymond Siinsya took the trouble to look into my own affairs when I could not be around and I am grateful to him for the opportunity to enjoy his consistent love and support.

I also thank Fr.Jutta Stüdemann for access to administrative consultations in an atmosphere of harmony; I also thank her for her good advice and for making the necessary liaison with regard to the examination.

Half a dozen times or more, I have literally given up! I thank Pastor Frieda S. Kumwenda and family of Kitwe and the Shadrack K. Daka family of Mansa for many prayers and unconditional moral support, enough to acquire renewed strength.

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