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Curriculum Vitae


Family name



“Klinik für Pädiatrie m. S. Neurologie” of

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the Charité, Humboldt-University Berlin


06, Jan, 1970


Augustenburger Platz 1

Place of birth

Beijing, China


13353 Berlin Germany







Dissertation project at the Neuropediatric Department of the Charité,

Humboldt University Berlin

Subject: Proteome analysis of mitochondrial disorders.

Thesis: Establishment of a two-dimensional electrophoresis map of

human mitochondrial proteins

Supervisor: PD Dr. Markus Schuelke


Master of clinical medicine of Beijing Medical University, Beijing,

P. R. China

Specialization: Pediatric Neurology

Thesis: The Neuropsychological evaluation of children with epilepsy

by using human drawing tests

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Qing Lin (Clinical Medicine, Neuropediatrics),

Prof. Dr. Shi Cheng (Basic Medicine, Cell Biology)



Establishment of a 2D electrophoresis map of human mitochondrial

proteins ― a new strategy to diagnose mitochondrial disorders.


Epileptic children with attention-deficit-hyperkinetic-disease ―

Analysis with computerized T.O.V.A. (Test of Variable Attention)


Research in pseudo seizures of children


The prognosis of cured epileptic children (100 cases)


The neuropsychological evaluation of epileptic children


Research on protective function of metal sulfur protein on murine

myocardial cells

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Pediatrician in charge of neonatology at the Pediatric Department

of the First Teaching Hospital of Beijing Medical University


Chief of residents at the same Department


Residency at the at the same Department




Xie J, Kläre Y, Neitzel H, Klose J, Schuelke M. Towards a novel strategy to identify mitochondrial diseases. Neuropediatrics 2002, 33: A11 This Poster has won a poster prize at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Neuropädiatrie

Xie J, Lin Q. Nonepileptic tonicoid spasm (case report of 15 children). Chinese Pediatrics Journal 1999, 37: 240

Xie J, Lin Q. The prognosis of epilepsy of cured epileptic children. Chinese Pediatrics

Journal 1999, 37: 166-168

Xie J, Lin Q. The neuropsychological state of epileptic children and human figure drawing tests. pp445-466, in: Modern Diagnosis and Therapy of Children with Epilepsy, Tianjin Science and Technology Publishing House, 1996

Xie J, Lin Q. The neuropsychological evaluation of epileptic children by using human figure drawing tests. Chinese Pediatrics Journal 1996, 34: 77-80. This paper has won the award as “Excellent Paper” by the Chinese Medical Association

Xie J, Bao XH. Analysis of misdiagnosis of botulism (case report of two children). Clinical Applied Pediatrics Journal 1995,10:178.

Cheng S, Xie J et al. Initial research on protective function of metal sulfur protein on murine myocardial cells. Beijing Medical University Transactions 1994.

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