I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Helmuth Bochow who agreed to support this thesis as my supervisor.

Special thanks to Prof. Hans Michael Poelhing and his team, in particular Dr. Martina Galler, with whom I have closely worked on methodology of aphid tests in the laboratory of plant diseases and plant protection of Hannover University.

Further, I would like to thank Dr. Birgitt Krebs and Dr. Helmut Junge from FZB Biotechnik GmbH Berlin for providing the bacterial materials used to carry out this research.

Special thanks as well to Prof. Christoph Reichmuth of the Institute for Stored Product Protection of BBA who supported my work with laboratory and greenhouse facilities during my research. My gratitude goes to Prof. Juergen Schmitt department of Physiology of Plants and Microbiology from Free University of Berlin for allowing me to carry out the chlorophyll fluorescence measurement in his laboratory.

I owe a lot of thanks to Dr. Franz Godt from the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin for providing supervision and laboratory facilities in the investigation of amino acids.

I also wish to thank Dr. Helga Sermann and Mrs. Inge Grope for their support during the start of this research.

I would like to extend special recognition to Prof. Geoff Zehnder from Clemson University (USA) and Dr. Hans - Holger Liste Institute of Microbiology from BBA, Berlin (Germany) who agreed to review this thesis and provided valuable guidance and comments.

To Prof. Carmen Buettner head of the department of Phytomedizin and the entire collective, I would like to express special thanks and gratitude.

I would like to extend my special thanks to my wife Halka and my son Tommy for their unfailing support throughout the research period.

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