email address
This field is mandatory. If we have call backs, we try to contact you per email.
email address editor
This field is optional. It should fill in if you format your work not by yourself. So we can contact the editor directly.
You deliver the final version. Your work will check up for formal defects and you will inform about the result if neccessary. Afterwards modifications are only possible if we detect defects or in justified exceptions.
With the pre-release you get the possibility to deliver your work for a preliminary check a day before your exam.Your work will check up for formal defects and you will inform about the result if neccessary. Please contact us (Tel: 030/2093-70074, -70075 or email, for LaTeX email, if your pre-release should adopt as final version.
This option is available for following cases:
• We had informed you about defects and ask you to correct them.
• You deliver your work a day before exam and defects are due to this exam.
• You have detected defects by yourself in the final version. In this case please absolute contact us (Tel: 030/2093-70074, -70075 or email, for LaTeX email Modifications are only possible in justified exceptions.
You have to declare minimum four comma and blank separated keywords. The english keywords have to be consistent with the german keywords (content). Please use only significant words and only your own words.
This abstract is not a part of your work, but can be consistent with the abstract in your work. The english version must be the same as the german version (content).
Use adequate transcriptions (e.g. "alpha", "Chi-Quadrat"). Ä, ö, ü, ß and all special signs at the keybord are allowed.
The abstract have to be maximum 2000 signs inclusive blanks.
date last exam
As date last exam declare:
Graduation: Defence
State doctorate: Dissertation of faculty council
Master / Diploma: Delivery work at examination authority
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You can send us here the original files of your document.
Please choose the text processor. In case of several files like LaTeX or use of reference management tools send us an archive.
PDF file
If you sent us original files, the PDF file must have been generated generated from them. The pdf file must comply with the technical requirements.
The PDF file must be consitent with master file. Tips under Technical tips for creating PDF-Files.
reference database
Please upload your reference database as compressed file.
Available literature databases are:
BibTeX: .bib and .bst (please upload as .zip )
Citavi: .ctv
Endnode: .enl
RefMan: .rmd and .rmx (please upload as .zip)