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Electronic Publishing Group

The joint working group of the University Library and the Computer and Media Services aims towards the systematic improvement of the electronic services at Humboldt University. The main focus is to broaden the usage and to propagate the possibilities of electronic publishing.

Therefore we focus on the following tasks.

  • The aquisition and handling of digital publications of Humboldt University according to international standards and using new technologies.
  • The realisation of a worldwide access to the electronic publications and integration of the Document and Publication server into international networks and retrieval systems.
  • To support scientists of Humboldt University with the creation of publication lines and ejournals.
  • Test new forms of publishing.
  • Take an active part within the creation of a digital library for the Humboldt University.
  • To work in third-party funded projects on practical implementations, testing and evaluation of new and not yet standardised technologies for electronic publishing.
Regular staff as well as project staff and student workers from both institutions: the University Library and the Computer and Media Services of Humboldt University are working together in this group.

The Electronic Publishing Group (alphabetical list)

Phone 2093-
Degkwitz, Prof. Dr. Andreas andreas.degkwitz(at) -99300 Advisory Board, Director of Universitätsbibliothek
Fritze, Florian (SHK) florian.fritze(at) -4321
Fromm, Niels fromm(at) -70070 Leadership, CD-ROM Service, Print on Demand
Golda, Sandra goldasax(at) -70073 Cataloging
Henneberger, Dr. Sabine shenneberger(at) -70075 Support for publication lines, author's support, edoc-Server
Kaden, Ben ben.kaden(at) -99240 Fu-PusH
Kindling, Maxi maxi.kindling(at) -4460 Open Access and Research Data Projects
Kleineberg, Michael michael.kleineberg(at) -99240 Fu-PusH
Rücknagel, Jessica jessica.ruecknagel(at) -4321
Schröder, Karin karin.schroeder(at) -70074 Acceptance, assistance, "Digital dissertations"
Schatzschneider, Mike (SHK) schatzmi(at) -70077 CD-ROM-Service
Schirmbacher, Prof. Dr. Peter schirmbacher(at) -70010 Advisory Board, Director of Computer- und Medienservice
Soliman, Sven sven.soliman(at) -70018 edoc-Server, CD-ROM-Service, Administration
Turtsova, Evgeniya (SHK) evgeniya.turtsova(at) edoc-Server
Vierkant, Paul paul.vierkant(at) -4495
Vogt, Martin (SHK) vogtmarz(at) -70071 LOCKSS, LukII
Voß, Dr. Michael mvoss(at) -99350 Leadership IT of Universitätsbibliothek
Zielke, Dennis zielkede(at) -70004 CARPET, BHL-Europe, LAUDATIO

We thank our alumni and former employees:

Simukovic, Elena Research Data
Schernikau, Tino (SHK) Shaked Spier, LAUDATIO,
Wehser, Ronny DOARC, CARPET, Docupedia
Kunze, Sabine Cataloging
Noack, Enrico (SHK) LuKII
David, Sammy OA-Netzwerk
Voigt, Michaela (SHK) OA-Netzwerk
Quick, Stefan (SHK)
Kuhles, Melanie (SHK) OA-Statistik II
Haubold, Johannes (SHK) DOARC
Georg, Daniel (SHK) edoc-Server
Lilienthal, Svantje (SHK) Open Journal System
Miehe, Daniel (SHK) EoD
Flemming, Gabiel (SHK) Author's support LaTeX
Hilprecht, Caroline (SHK) Adminstration of literature, Hosting RKI
Shashé, Nadja (SHK) nestor
Mohr, Christian (SHK) DOARC
Gabbert, Sebastian (SHK)
Dobratz, Susanne Leadership, XML-courses and consulting, OAI, nestor
Müller, Uwe edoc-Server, OAI, XML-Portal, SCOPE
Groh, Dennis (SHK) Author's support LaTeX
Riemann, Lars (SHK) CD-ROM-Service
Schönfuß, André (SHK) OA-Netzwerk
Kießig, Mirco (SHK) LateX
Fechner, Patricia eBooks on Demand, CARPET
Malitz, RobinSCOPE, OA-Netzwerk
Klatt-Kafemann, ManuelSCOPE, OA-Netzwerk
Rycko, Joanna (SHK)LaTeX
Gulua, David (SHK) CD-Rom-Service
Otto, Dagmar nestor-Kompetenznetzwerk Langzeitarchivierung
Aslaner, Deniz SCOPE
Bahnik, Sven reUSE
Bresch, Andreas "DissOnline"
Daniel, Angela Author's support und acceptance
Djia Toda, Valery Programming, databases
Groth, Antje "ProPrint", "XML-Portal"
Gunawan, Yunce Server administration
Güther, Burghard "Digitale Dissertationen"
Ivanova, Natalia QuarkXPress, XML, XSLT
Martin, Dr. Norbert Assistant director of Universitätsbibliothek
Matthaei, Birgit "OAForum", Webkonzeption, -design
Ohst, Daniel "Digitale Dissertationen"
Rekk, Konstantin Sybase, PHP- and Java-programming
Ribeiro-Barreira, Michael "Dini"
Richter, Cliff Author's support LaTeX, Literature
Rohde, Daniel "Digitale Dissertationen"
Salecker, Elke Author's support LaTeX
Voß, Jakob DTD-Design, XML, XSL
Wadjiri, Rabiyatou "DissOnline"
Wang, Jing Yuan "OAForum", OAI
Wendland, Bert CD-ROM-Service, nestor, Author's support
Zahir, Nahid "DissOnline"
Seffler, Florian (SHK)
Goverdovskij, Tim (SHK)
Schöner, Vladimir (SHK)
Matthias Schulz (SHK) Server administration
Matthias Schulz XML-courses, document conversion , FrameMaker, ProPrint, reUSE, DissOnline-Tutor
Schwarz, Hermann (SHK) Author's support LaTeX, Projekt DissOnline-Tutor
Schönborn, Matthias (SHK) OA-Statistik