Projects of the Electronic Publishing Group

of the Computer and Media Services and the Library of the Humboldt University Berlin

LuKII LuKII (LOCKSS-and-KOPALL-Infrastructure and -Interoperability)
November 2009 - October 2011
The LuKII project aims to set up a LOCKSS-Infratsructure for Germany and to test it with material from German Institutional Repositories. Another aim is to establish interoperability between the open-source elements of two existing archiving systems (LOCKSS and KOPAL) in order to combine cost-effective bitstream preservation with an established tool for usability maintenance and format migration.
BHL Europe Project Biodiversity Heritage Library Europe
July 2009 - June 2012
BHL-Europe will establish a best practice approach and will promote the adoption of standards and specifications. Furthermore, it will provide a robust multilingual portal with sophisticated search tools to facilitate the search for taxon-specific biodiversity information. BHL-Europe will provide a multilingual access point for search and retrieval of digital content through EUROPEANA. The project will also develop operational strategies and processes for long-term preservation and sustainability.
Docupedia Docupedia - thematic networks and informal publishing with framework MediaWiki
Sep 2008 – Aug 2010
Testing and assembly a professional organized and dynamic increasing repository of papers for contemporary history with framework MediaWiki.
JISC Usage Statistics Review
The aim of this project is to make progress towards a position wherein item-level usage statistics are comparable across a range of sources.
2008 – 2010
Development of an Information Platform for Electronic Publishing based on Generic Publishing Tools .
oa-statistik OA Statistik
2008 – 2009
The project aims to develop and establish unified standards for measuring access to digital pubications and to produce unifed usage statistics .
DoD eBooks on Demand
2006 – 2008
eBooks on Demand is a servic that will digitise (rare) printed books on user's demand and provide them as e-Book (PDF) to the user.
Open Acces Policies Open Access Policies – What do german publishing companies permit to their authors?
May 2006 – Jan 2007
In cooperation with the University Library of Stuttgart the information about possibilities of additional supply of scientific articles already published in a publishing company or still to be published (self-archiving from preprints or postprints) should be gathered, structured, processed and made accessible within the scope of the international system of information of the SHERPA/ROMEO list.
Logo von DissOnline-Tutor
2005 – 2007
The project "DissOnline-Tutor" has been coined in cooperation with the unversity of Duisburg-Essen and the German National Library to improve the technical quality of long-term storable electronic theses and dissertations (ETD). The project aims to provide ETD authors with tools for the text processing systems Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and StarOffice as well as for the typesetting system LaTeX. Furthermore, user manuals and training materials shall be prepared.
reUSE! reUSE: Re-use digital master files of printed material!
EU eContent
July 2004 – June 2006
reUSE will set up trusted digital repositories maintained by national and university libraries in order to collect, to make available and to preserve electronic documents which are currently used for paper based publishing only. Publishers, universities, NGOs will be encouraged to use this service and to incorporate their electronic output into these repositories. Once a critical mass is reached new added value services will be created in order to gain revenue from these digital data collections.
LOCKSS Program,
initiated by Stanford University Libraries
LOCKSS (for "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe") is open source software. The working group operates a server for testing the technology.
SunCoe Logo Sun Center of Excellence for Trusted Digital Repositories
In Cooperation with the University Innsbruck, University Graz as well as XiCrypt and supported by SUN Microsystems Germany a trusted repository for long term preservation of digital documents will be established.
Mar 2004 – Feb 2006
extended to Sept 2007
With SCOPE – "Service Core for Open Publishing Environments" – a service platform facilitating autonomous electronic publishing will be developed. The publication platform allows to support authors and scientific publishers managing their digital publishing process. SCOPE provides the technological and organisational infrastructure by using modular publishing components, the centre of which is constituted by XML based document models.
Nestor Logo Network of Expertise in long-term Storage of Digital Ressources in Germany
June 2003 – June 2006

nestor II:
July 2006 – Sept 2009

A Germany wide network for expertise and cooperation for long term preservation of digital ressources will be established together with the German National Library (Die Deutschen Bibliothek), the State and University Library Lower Saxony in Göttingen, the Bavarian State Library, the Instutute for Museum information in Berlin and the General Directorate of the Bavarian State Archives (GDAB).
Logo of the Open Archives Forum Open Archives Forum
Oct 2001 – Nov 2003
The Open Archives Forum provides a Europe-based focus for dissemination of information about European activities related to open archives and, in particular, to the Open Archives Initiative. The aim of the Forum is to facilitate clustering of IST projects, national initiatives and other parties interested in the open archives approach.
Logo of XML-Portal XML-Portal
Sept 2001 – Mar 2004
This project serves the exemplary structure of an Internet-Portal for the development, archiving and search of complex documents with multimedia contents using of XML based technologies, like the Document Server and the collected objects of the Humboldt University. (german)
Logo of ProPrint ProPrint – Printing on Demand
Nov 2000 – May 2002
ProPrint aims to unite the document servers of the University Library of the Humboldt University and the State and University Library Goettingen. Here a workflow is to be installed which offers services from the author care to editing, archiving and distribution of digital documents and images within the digital library at both locations. (german)
Logo des ETD-Guide UNESCO Guide on Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Sponsor: UNESCO
In international co-operation a Guide was created which describes technologies and approaches for projects about electronic theses. A world wide target is to provide assistance with the development of such projects particularly in the developing countries.
Logo of the Open Archives Initiative oai-HU Berlin
since October 2000
Implementation of the Open Archives Protocol.
Logo of Dissertations Online DissOnline
Subproject 3: Formats
Apr 1998 – Oct 2000
The "DissOnline" subproject "formats" has particulary worked on the creation and revision of a definition of type for thesis documents (DTD's), a WinWord format collection with author assistance, investigation of the use of new XML Tools, development of LaTeX application guidelines, as well as investigations of tools for the conversion from LaTeX files to SGML/XML.
Logo of Digital Dissertations DiDi – Digital Dissertations
University Special Programme III
Sept 1997 – Dec 2000
With the project "Digital Dissertations" the prototypic structure of a certified document server for the electronic publications of the Humboldt University was achieved. Special attention was given to the electronic publication of theses. Here the development of a Document Type Definition (DiML) and of a course of business for the university library played a special role. The conversion from common text processing systems into an archivable and retrievable format, and the advancing of the PhD candidates to the special request of electronic publications were emphasisised. Besides, a safe document server was structured which is suitable for long-term archiving and searching.

Technical care of:

Logo of the Humboldt-University at Berlin Public lectures of the HU Online together with the research department This series of publications contains primarily inaugural lectures from scientists of Humboldt University. Additionally selected lectures are included, which outline the profile of the Humboldt University in a special way. Published are e.g. parting lectures, public lectures, and guest lecturers, as well as some commemorative addresses, like those on the occasion of the award of honoury doctorates.
Logo of SPEPS Stochastic Programming E-print Series (SPEPS) The Stochastic Programming E-Print Series (SPEPS) aims to serve as an online repository of recent results in the area of Stochastic Programming.
Logo of is an online periodical for the history of art. (german)