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Metadata on this server OAI-Interface
All documents on this server full text search in PDF/PS/HTML
All digital Theses of Humboldt-University Structured search in SGML/XML-Documents and full texts in PDF/PS/HTML
TheO Digital Theses at German University Libraries
Metadata (Dublin Core)and full text search in PDF/PS/HTML
NDLTD Worldwide search in cooperating servers with digital theses
Metadata (Dublin Core)and full text search in PDF/PS/HTML
OPAC Total stocks of the German National Library Frankfurt/Main starting from 1945

We are actually using the HARVEST system for performing the retrieval on this server, because it is free software and enables a search within certain SGML/XML elements and structures as wellas in full text formats like PDF, PS, HTML, SGML/XML.

Open Archives Protocol

We provide the possibility to use an OAI-interface to search this server.
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