Session D: Supporting Change in Learning and Teaching
Greenberg : A Hybrid System for Delivering Web Based Distance Learning and Teaching Material

4. Building the DVD-ROM

All of the learning and teaching materials produced for S103 Discovering Sciencehave been put in digital format and a pilot DVD-R has been produced which contains all of the S103 software and text material. All University text material is now held in PDF format so text searching functionality is easy to implement with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. All of the video material has been digitised and various compression options are being investigated. The interactive media material has been easy to integrate and access has been provided through a common icon based interface.

The development strategy is to build a DVD-ROM which holds all of the S103 text, application software, much of the video material either broadcast or sent to students on videocassette and which has links to web based material. All of the material will be accessible from a PC with a DVD-ROM drive and the video material will be playable on a domestic DVD player. Apart from providing S103 students with an invaluable resource, the application will demonstrate the potential of this new technology to higher education. This kind of development will help overcome the concerns of many academics about the Internet and the difficulty of integrating high quality media with a web site.

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