Session D: Supporting Change in Learning and Teaching
Greenberg : A Hybrid System for Delivering Web Based Distance Learning and Teaching Material

5. Applications in the Humanities

A number of Arts Faculty projects have been initiated including a pilot project for A220 Princes and Peoples: France and the British Isles 1620-1714 which looks, for example, at the structure of three contrasting church buildings of the seventeenth century. Other courses which may include DVD based material include A207 From Enlightenment to Romanticism, and A218 History of Medicine. Both of the these courses do not go into their presentation phase until 2004 which gives time to evaluate the use of standalone and computer based DVD players by Arts Faculty students. A218, for example, may use CD-ROM during the first half of the course life but may then convert its material to a mixed mode format containing both DVD-Video and DVD-ROM components during the second half of its presentation phase.

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