Session D: Supporting Change in Learning and Teaching
Greenberg : A Hybrid System for Delivering Web Based Distance Learning and Teaching Material

7. Conclusions

The potential of DVD technologies has been ignored by most of the higher education sector, particularly in Europe. Some impressive educational developments based around DVD technologies are currently being undertaken by the Ohana Foundation and these are currently being tested in Hawaii schools (www.ohanalearning.orgAs more Open University courses are presented on-line, the bandwidth available to most students in their home will place constraints on the type of learning and teaching material which can be delivered on-line. There is a view in the University that we over produce our courses and that the constraints inherent in on-line delivery may force our course production processes to be more efficient. There is also ample evidence that non-broadcast audio-visual material and other computer-based teaching material which cannot be delivered on-line, does enhance the student‘s learning process. The hybrid system described in the paper will allow course teams to offer students a richer on-line learning experience until a significant number of University students have access to broadband data networks

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