It was not easy to decide for a field like orthopedic surgery, where competition is very special and „female residents“ are still a seldom appearance. My teachers in general orthopedics were Professor Reinhold Ganz, Charmain of the Orthopaedic Department Inselspital Berne, and Doctor Balz Isler, Chief of the Orthopaedic Service Kantonspital Winterthur. They both have set very high standard of quality to provide excellent patient care in orthopaedics and I am very indebted to both for their outstanding teaching and their encouragement to work in this field.

Later, I had the priviledge to be the fellow of two internationally recognized shoulder surgeons, Professor Christian Gerber, Chairman of the Orthopaedic Department, Balgrist, University of Zürich, and Professor Jon Warner, Chief of the Harvard Shoulder Service, Orthopaedic Department, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston. I would like to express my deep thanks to them, who succeded to reveal to me the secrets of the human shoulder by their superb surgery and fascinating ways of teaching.

Today, I am very greatful to my present Chairman, Professor Norbert Haas, for opening to me the door of his clinic. Despite his busy schedule, he always has found the time for discussion. The wise advices of the experienced surgeon have been very precious for me. With his support, it became possible to develop the upper extremity service at the Charité towards a continuously growing part of the department, with high and steady endeavours for excellence in patient care, teaching and research.

I also would like to express my thanks to Fraser Harrold, MD, Maria Apreleva Scheffler, PhD, and Stefan Greiner, MD, for their help in the accomplishment of the experimental part of this work. The countless hours spent on this project did not only improve our understanding of anatomy and biomechanics in the shoulder, but also led to wonderful friendships.

It wouldn’t be correct not to mention Birgitt Koch, my physician assistant here in Berlin. She has been great in taking care of many administrative tasks related to my busy clinical activity and she thus has essentially contributed to the completion of this work in time.

Furthermore I would like to thank the Swiss Research Foundation for the research grant I had the honor to recieve. Without the financial support of the Foundation it would not have been possible to perform the basic science part of this work.

Finally „merci de tout mon coeur“ to my parents who have been restless members of this expedition from the very beginning.

And last but not least, a very special thank goes to Werner, for showing me that love is more important than anything else.

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