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General information
Full name of the archive Humboldt University at Berlin, Germany: Document Server 
URL of the archive
OAI-Identifier of the archive
Base URL for OAI interface
Protocol Version 2.0
Administrator Email
Information about the Archive
Content in the archive Theses, dissertations, scientific publications in generell, public readings from Humboldt-University. Full text in a variety of formats (SGML, XML, PDF, PS, HTML), non-text data (video, simulations, ...), fully searchable metadata.
Metadata policy Noncommercial use only, metadata harvesting permitted through OAI interface only.
Data policy These documents can be used freely according to copyright laws, it can be printed freely. It is not allowed to distribute it further on.
Submission policy Generally only publications approved by the university libraries are accepted (Dissertations, Diploma and Master Theses).
Details of the protocol implementation
supported metadata formats oai_dc (Dublin Core)
supported set hierarchy document types, e.g. doctypes:PhDThesis
German National Bibliography (DNB), e.g. dnb:dnb33
Supporting deleted items handling no
Granularity for datestamps YYYY-MM-DD
Earliest datestamp 1990-01-02

Created: Feb 03 2001
Last Modified: Jun 17 2002

Uwe Müller