Science Education Review Letters is a peer reviewed electronic journal published by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany) and is accessible at
Over the past decades, the field of science education research has matured as the result of numerous researchers investigating many topics (e.g. Nature of Science, teachers’ professional knowledge and students’ conceptual understanding). Such research has helped to foster many theoretical and applied advancements in the field of Science Education. New findings are judged according to existing theories, and these existing theories are often revised based upon new findings.
The idea of SERL is to provide a platform for contributions focusing on selected aspects, such as theory, methodology or results briefly embedded into existing approaches.
This peer-reviewed journal will publish contributions with selected foci up to a total of 5 pages in print (approximately 15.000 characters).

Call for Papers

Given the strong body of theory and methodology in science education, many studies build on (and seek to add to) existing constructs and approaches. SERL aims to publish either theory, methodology or empirical findings with only short description of the underlying and already publishes strong concepts.
SERL aims for:
- newly combined theoretical perspectives
- new methodological approaches
- empirical findings based on published theory and methodology
- analysis of already published datasets with a different focus of the analysis
- replication studies
Against this background, we will not publish entire studies including theory, methodology and re-sults within a publication of 5 pages length.

Technical Requirements of Submitted Manuscripts

Manuscripts submitted for publication to SERL are required to fulfill the following criteria:
1. The content is original and has not been published elsewhere, including print and online media.
2. The authors are responsible for the content of the article and the legal consequences thereupon.
3. The authors must agree to the publication of the article online and/or in print media.
The manuscript should be submitted to SERL as a Microsoft Word document via The initial submission should be a complete preprint including figures, tables, references and appendices. The format of submissions should follow guidelines supplied in the 6th edition of the American Psychologist Association (APA) Publication Manual. The manuscript should contain the following parts: Abstract, Introduction, Theory or Methodology or Results to be presented, and Discussion. The manuscript should not exceed 5 pages in print (approximately 15.000 characters). If an author is in doubt about the suitability of a potential submission, he/she may contact the editors and submit a simple outline of what is planned. The editors will provide feedback as to suitability and will also provide feedback on how the paper might be improved.


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