The FOCUS section of volume 6 is titled "Law in Context: Case Studies from India." Drawing on an interdisciplinary approach, the FOCUS contributions examine law in the contexts of society, culture, religion and com­mu­­nity and point to the manifold ways in which law is being practised and understood in India. The articles engage with different layers of law and identify various actors and locales where law and legal dis­courses are shaped. The contributions cover a wide spectrum of interesting topics, such as spirit based justice systems, law and religion, women's rights, farmers' rights and the incorporation of international law into national or local systems.

The FORUM includes seven articles on topics ranging from History, Literary Studies, Musicology and Anthropology to an overview of India-related holdings in German archives.

The final rubric REVIEW ESSAYS contains contributions that present current and historiographical overviews from History, Film Studies and International Relations.

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