Translocal studies are becoming increasingly important, especially with reference to historical subjects. The overwhelming concern with the history of nation states in South Asia and beyond - as elsewhere - has obscured many translocal histories of moving people, goods and wares as well as artefacts, devotional objects and forms of religious rituals. With the latest research on media/film, historiography, syncretism and imaginations of geography, the present section pays tribute to the recent developments in historical, social and anthropological studies that highlight trans-Himalayan studies. The articles provide new insight into a mountainous world that has never been static.

The first three article in this section extend the Focus' themes of movement and connection. The article on India's politics on China's Silk Road Project is followed by one on migration from South Asia to Europe in the interwar period. The third article examines how centralising rule in Pakistan during the 1950s and 1960s were legitimised through architectural discourses and practices that hybridized Western ideas and ideologies with South Asian architectural traditions. The Forum concludes with an analysis of collaborative governance and devolution in contemporary Pakistan.

Review Essays:
The three articles deal with the latest research in diverse fields. First, the review of recent publications in the field of trans-Himalayan studies provides a useful addition to the Focus section. The next essay gives a state of the art on education and student politics in Pakistan. The final article is a recent field study on the results of higher education at Pakistan's universities.

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